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Raethwin, the Red Witch, perhaps the greatest sorceress of her era. She sought to save her world, instead she doomed it. The Firelord's Crown, source of her untold power. It brought about the impending disaster but Tamilin, Master Healer and Seer, believes it might also prove their salvation. There's just one problem. Two thousand years ago Raethwin's six companions fled when their homeland was destroyed and divided the Firelord's Crown between them.
Five made it to safety - the sixth ship and its precious heirloom vanished. Tamilin believes that it may lie far in the uncharted north and dispatches an expedition in search of it. Airen, a young healer and lone survivor of the venture, reaches the land called Dinith, where he hopes to find the lost piece. Dinith, however, is a land in turmoil. Magic is forbidden, the glories of the past forgotten. Airen and his quest are not welcome but could Falath, the king's heir, be the ally that he desperately craves? Perhaps, but Falath, descendant of the Lost Ship, has his own secrets... 

The Firelord's Crown. An epic tale of magic and adventure. Harper Collins Authonomy gold medallist.

The heart of this fast-paced, enthralling, sword-and-sorcery fantasy story is the search for a missing piece of a legendary crown but it also explores the complex relationships between Prince Falath; Rollo, his kinsman and protector; Airen, the outsider, bringer of mystery and magic; Lady Maristan, daughter of a heretic lord burned for his beliefs that there are other people in the world beyond the mountains. They each journey not only to find the segment of the Firelord's Crown but also to discover how best to be true to their own natures.


Firelord's Heir, the eagerly-awaited sequel to The Firelord's Crown.

Now a prince in exile, Falath faces an uncertain future in a land of strangers; some of them friends, others most definitely enemies. 

Falath and Airen negotiate the dangers of new realms as they journey to the mystical heart of Mandras. They have the missing piece of the Firelord’s Crown but others want it too and will stop at nothing to acquire it. Falath must learn to control and develop his gifts of maisterie but he still mourns the loss of his kinsman, Rollo.

Meanwhile, a strange, fair-haired man is discovered by rebel scouts and subsequently healed by Jessal, their charismatic leader. This Mirin has no memory of who or what he is but Jessal realises that he could hold the key to their salvation.

Answers lie with Guild Master Tamilin and both parties travel to the Healers' Isle in search of them but Mandras is a very dangerous place indeed. In his own land Falath is a prince, here he is just a valuable commodity...


Firelord's Curse is the third enthralling volume of the Firelord's Legacy series which began with The Firelord's Crown.
Falath and Airen have escaped from the fortress of Dim-Locil only to fall into the clutches of the mysterious and dangerous Stone People. Rollo, meanwhile, has entered the Ghost Wood, home of the Eye of Chimerand, another piece of the Firelord's Crown. Shimarah, High Priestess of the Eye, is intrigued by this stranger but her father views him as a danger to his realm, a threat to be neutralised or eliminated. 
Further to the north, Darial, badly wounded during the attack at the Isle, desperately needs to reach the capital with his information about their chief adversary's identity. First, however, he must try to cross the Great River but it's guarded by the Blue Company, sworn enemies of the rebels. 
Will any of them reach Caer-Banc before its too late and Corinius' plans are accomplished? For their world's sake they must but the odds are stacked against them. And what of Maristan? Alone in the stronghold of the Usurper, pregnant with Rollo's child and completely at Malglint's mercy. Can she survive her bitter circumstances or is she fated to die as her father before her, burnt at the stake as a witch?


The quest to secure the Firelord's Legacy and avert the danger brought about by Raethwin's battle with Maegror continues. Corinius, Heir to the throne of the Severed Kingdoms, has been uncovered as a traitor. His plot to assassinate his uncle and seize the mysterious Sword of Mandarian has been foiled but he has escaped, taking with him Darial, the true Heir, and other hostages. Falath and Mirin are finally reunited and sent in pursuit by Guild Master Tamilin. Their goal is the King's Circle in the far north, where Mandarian's Sword is kept within the sacred embrace of Flavia, Mistress of the Second Ship. They must get there before Corinius frees the Sword and uses its power to claim dominion over them all. King's Circle, however, lies in Ancient Nerieth, abandoned to the Yrstag and under enemy control. To gain the sword, and its piece of the Firelord's Crown, Falath and Mirin must use their developing powers of sorcery to battle new foes and strange magicks. Only then can the Firelord's Wyrd be fulfilled.

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